Dear Customer

EES CONSTRUCTION ONE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (EESCONS) We would like to send our best wishes for health and success!

EESCons is a contractor Design - Construction, renovation and maintenance for projects and factories in Da Nang, Vietnam. EESCons was founded by experienced architects, construction engineers who have participated in many large, medium and small projects in foreign factories in Vietnam. Our company has gathered a force of engineers, technical staff with full capacity and experience in the construction field. At the same time, the Company is fully equipped with modern construction machinery and equipment to meet the diverse requirements of the current market.

EES CONSTRUCTION ONE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (EESCONS) works based on criteria " Reasonable costs - guaranteed quality - friendly environment - satisfied customers ". We always listen to customers' opinions with the spirit of demand and trust to bring customers satisfaction with our products as well as our way of working.

We respectfully send these greetings to customers, with the wish that your company will have more options and we have more loyal customers, in the spirit of win-win.

Best regards!